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It is the year Future Century 60 and most of humanity has migrated to orbiting space colonies, leaving behind the polluted Earth. To prevent war, the colonies came up with the tournament known as the Gundam Fight. Every country builds a Gundam and sends it to Earth. These Gundams fight each other, using the entire planet as the ring, for eleven months until the finals begin in the country that won the last Gundam Fight. Whichever country is ultimately victorious will control the entire world for four years. This year, Neo Japan has sent Domon Kasshu with the Shining Gundam in hopes of winning the 13th Gundam Fight. However, Domon, and his assistant, Rain Mikamura, have more to worry about than winning the Gundam Fight. They have a concurrent mission, to confront and destroy the stolen Devil Gundam…
Mobile Fighter G Gundam. One of my personal favorites (and believe me, I have seen every Gundam series around. Blarg to Victory Gundam! Blarg, I say!) Anyway. This anime is often overlooked for it's rather flashy, and cheesy setting and mechs. And I agree, it has it's bad points, often in a little bit of plot inconsistancy. (Neo England's fighter goes evil? What?) However, it's other features save it. The Gundams and the fighters themselves are incredibly diverse and interesting. You've got a boxer wanting to live out the American Dream, a Russian space pirate fighting for his comrades, a French knight… not to mention a German ninja! Other than the few holes, the plot is very interesting, and can get rather emotional at times. Mecha designs are so diverse, you never get the same thing twice, save when the Shining becomes the God Gundam. You've got a bit of symbolism, in God Gundam vs. Devil Gundam, and it's interesting to note that the Shuffle Alliance is almost exactly the UN Security Council. I must say, though, the worst thing about this anime is it's dub. It makes me want to cry. They rename things for no reason. Some I can understand, but still think should be unchanged. (God Gundam, Devil Gundam, possibly Tequila Gundam) Others are changed for absolutely no reason. Lumber Gundam, based around a lumberjack, uses axes for weapons, etc., changed to the Grizzly Gundam. Gundam Spiegel, Neo-Germany's Gundam, is changed to the Shadow Gundam. Oh no! They might not understand that the German Gundam's name is in German! Better change it! The voice actors themselves seem un-emotional, and speak halting-ly. If you have the option, never watch it. Watch it subbed instead. Though I do admit the ending is uber-cheesy. LOVE LOVE TENKYOKEN!
G Gundam is different from other Gundam series. And that&#39;s just one reason why I like it so much. Much like a good kung-fu movie, G Gundam has great fight scenes, endearing characters, brilliantly despicable villains, and cheesiness.<br/><br/>Characters: I find each character unique from each other, and generally just fun. Domon has a great a terrible drive to achieve his goals, while Rain patiently stays by his side helping him in every way possible. Each fighter Domon encounters has their own drives to, and its when these goals collide that the show gets real interesting. Almost the whole show could is about conflicting desires how each character has to find the strength to fight for it. Thus every character is a strong personality. Plus Master Asia is an awesome villain.<br/><br/>Mecha: Truly unique and quirky designs, with the main mecha being especially impressive. Each has its own special abilities that reflect the personality of its user to great effect. The Dark Gundam might just be the most unique Gundam design ever. The Gundam fights are also amazing, rivaling some of the best action anime.<br/><br/>Plot: Though not obvious at first, a strong plot runs underneath the first bunch of episodes, finally coming right into the forefront. Though the show starts as a simple tournament, it evolves into a huge confrontation with the very mecha incarnation of evil.<br/><br/>Conclusion: A fun and deceptively plot heavy story, with strong character and mecha designs.

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